MARISSA: Multi-Agency approach to support victims of Intimate partner violence with SubStance Abuse issues

Newsletter July 2020- May 2021

During the second semester of the implementation of the MARISSA project, the Project Partners continued meeting online due to the coronavirus travelling restrictions. Nonetheless, their cooperation kept going smoothly and some deliverables were completed. For instance, the provisioned focus groups were conducted in Greece, Estonia and Iceland. Furthermore, the Project Partners worked on the review of existing data and analysis of existing interventions regarding IPV and PSU. As well as this, the Needs Assessment Report, the Training Manual and the website are currently under development.

Focus Groups

The local focus groups were conducted with professionals, to research their perspective on the Problematic Substance Use and Intimate Partner Violence Professionals’ perspective in Greece, Estonia and Iceland. The main findings from the focus groups are:

  • For Estonia, they revealed the lack of integrated programmes for women and men with co-occurring IPV and PSU, as well as the lack of women’s centers having the capacity to provide safe shelters to PSU clients.
  • In Greece, from the focus groups emerged that most of women admitted to SA centers have also experienced IPV, as well as that IPV therapy helps the victim realize that SA is part of the problem and must be equally treated.
  • In Iceland, it was shown that more education on IPV is desperately needed and prejudice in the healthcare system is a significant obstacle.

Review of existing data and analysis of existing interventions regarding IPV and PSU

In January 2021 was published the review of existing data and analysis of existing interventions regarding IPV and PSU. In this review, it was firstly discussed the link between intimate partner violence and problematic substance use and secondly were presented the theories that try to explain this relation. In this review are also present the country reports regarding IPV and PSU for Estonia, Iceland, and Greece. As well as this, the current situation was analyzed and some recommendations for interventions, services and policies were presented. Finally, in the review was shown why multi-agency co-operation between IPV and PSU services is necessary and how it should be addressed.

What is next?

During these months the Project Partners worked on the Needs Assessment Report, which will be published in the next month. As well as this, the Training Manual is currently being developed and will be out soon. Last but not least, also the MARISSA website is under construction and will be soon online!

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